Green Building Week

This is part of International Green Building Week, an event held across the world celebrating sustainable development and renewable energy.
During the week different activities are held.
The activities are shown below – feel free to send us your activities:
KEN Cluster will announce the start of the “Most sustainable building in Estonia” competition. There will also be a prize for Most Sustainable Company. Winners will be sent to the European level and have a chance to win the Most Sustainable awards in Europe. Contact: or
KEN Cluster will introduce the Estonian LifeCycle Standard, a guide for municipalities, developers, architects and engineers to make their project higher quality and more sustainable. Contact:
Saint Gobain Ehitustooted AS employees will receive an invite to do an online training about the sustainability topics during the Green Building Week. At the start of October there is a plan to visit a partner company where different waste (such as electronics, tyres etc) is being recycled for re-use. Sain-Gobain Estonian production units contribute by buying green energy. More exact activity plan with an article “Why and how (Sustainable) buildings can actually save the world” and a video by Saint-Gobain promoting Sustainable Construction can be found;; and websites.
Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted AS is operating in Estonia with ISOVER construction and technical insulation materials, GYPROC gypsum boards and constructions, Ecophon acoustic products and solutions and Weber building mixtures and light blocks. We offer different solutions from perspective of sustainability in order to achieve results with low environmental impact.
Leading developer Oxford Sustainable is offering free advice during the week for any company, project or building on how to be more sustainable and at the same time more profitable through international recognition and certification in LEED and BREEAM.
Harku Heaks, a local movement which is consentrated to improve investment, jobs, work and living quality in Harku vald will publish a document presenting “Criteria for a Sustainable Local Community in Harku”.
GBC is asking everyone involved in sustainable activities during this week, to send your activities which support energy efficiency, sustainable development, renewable energy and a better living and working environment. These will be published on the GBC site